Welcome to the Bahá'í Community of Brockville, Ontario, Canada.

Devotional Gatherings


“Know thou that supplication and prayer is the water of life. It is the cause of the vivification of existence and brings glad tidings and joy to the soul.” (from the writings of Abdu’l-Baha)

Bahá’ís across Canada join with friends in devotional meetings for collective worship.

Because there is no ritual or clergy in the Bahá’í Faith, devotional gatherings are often held in people’s homes or in public places, and they are diverse in form. Prayer and reflection upon sacred scriptures are at the heart of such programs, and music and poetry may be incorporated as well.

These gatherings are held in every Bahá’í community to nourish a pattern of life characterized by its devotional character. The spiritual atmosphere created within a devotional meeting imparts a sense of joy, fellowship and love that enriches the relationships among participants.

Bahá’í devotional gatherings are intended to capture the attitude of prayer and the practice of devotion that is universal to all religions, and they are open to people of all beliefs and backgrounds.

For many, the gatherings provide an opportunity for peace, reflection and revitalization. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings—one may simply sit, meditate and enjoy the spiritual atmosphere, or take a more active role.



Come and join us

Multifaith Devotions

Monthly Multi-Faith Devotional

Brockville Public Library

Saturday, June 30

2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.