We make the path by walking … together: A Gathering for Peace

This wonderful interfaith gathering, held December 14, 2016 at Christ United Church in Lyn (near Brockville), Ontario, was organized and hosted by Rev. Wendy MacLean, with assistance from music director, Tim Hallman. The program was rich, memorable and well-attended by people from many backgrounds. Organ music, drumming, storytelling, songs, captivating video, participatory demonstration of traditions, and other creative approaches were interspersed with the sharing of thought provoking ideas about unity in diversity, the oneness of humankind and creating peaceful relations between all.


Wendy MacLean: Welcome and Introductions

Deborah Dunleavy: Walking with Stories

Singing the Story: Twas in the Moon of Wintertime

Elinor Utting (Jewish): Walking in Light and Memory

Ahmad Khadra (Muslim): Walking Near and Far

Songs Make a Path – Christ United Church Choir: There is a Way

Azim John Roberts (Sufi): Walking a Path of Being

Catherine Carry (Bahá'í): Teaching Peace as We Walk

Wendy MacLean (Christian): Walking with a Family

And On This Path: We go singing


Multifaith Devotional Gathering

Multifaith Devotions


Come and join us

Brockville Public Library

Saturday, Jan 28

2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.