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Why Baha’is Don’t Participate in Partisan Politics

We’re in the political season, when campaigns and campaigners become heated, and when Baha’is inevitably hear this question: Why don’t Baha’is get involved in politics?


Baha’is vote, get involved in community building and support their respective governments, but they don’t campaign for specific candidates, become members of political parties or involve themselves in the political wrangling so common to our current systems of governance.

“… the Faith with which the followers of Baha’u’llah stand identified is one which they firmly believe God has raised high above the storms, the divisions, and controversies of the political arena. Their Faith they conceive to be essentially non-political, supra-national in character, rigidly non-partisan, and entirely dissociated from nationalistic ambitions, pursuits, and purposes. Such a Faith knows no division of class or of party. It subordinates, without hesitation or equivocation, every particularistic interest, be it personal, regional, or national, to the paramount interests of humanity, firmly convinced that in a world of inter-dependent peoples and nations the advantage of the part is best to be reached by the advantage of the whole, and that no abiding benefit can be conferred upon the component parts if the general interests of the entity itself are ignored or neglected.”

Shoghi Effendi